Behaviour Change

Cooking Eggs

Know what you should be doing but struggle with building sustainable habits?

Sick of dieting and thinking about food?

Want to eat well and feel good without sacrificing the foods you love or your social life?

This program is for you!

“I know what I should be doing it, but actually doing it is the hard part”. Sound familiar? So many of us are aware of the basic principles of healthy eating but struggle with putting behaviour change into practice.


End the diet cycle with my non-diet approach to healthy eating. Learn about the reasons behind your food behaviour, and how to properly fuel your body while enjoying your food without guilt. Become a mindful eater and increase your awareness of internal and external eating cues. Find your best weight by eating well, feeling better, and making peace with food. No scales, no restriction.


Clients can meet me in person in Burlington, Ontario, or virtually via remote counselling.


This Behaviour Change Program can help you: 

  • Understand the reasons behind your current habits

  • Learn how to properly fuel your body without feeling restricted

  • Remove guilt associated with eating and foster a healthy relationship with food

  • Meal plan and develop a routine that fits within your lifestyle and needs

  • Feel better and eat well without sacrificing your social life or cutting out the foods you love most

  • Remove the stress and associated with what you eat


The diet cycle ends here! Book an appointment to get started. 

Have questions before booking? Contact Brittany.